About us

Our company is called Copertateak and was built in Poland in 2011roku. Our experience in the production of teak decks have learned from the Italian company which produces EUROTEAK teak decks, and their assembly in Italy.
Our headquarters is located in Sidzinie.

The company’s goal is to produce Copertateak best quality:

  • teak decks,
  • teak stairs and steps,
  • parquet,
  • corridors and arches to the cockpit,
  • Down Grid (boxes of bathroom)

made from Burmese teak imported from Burma, which is the largest manufacturer of wood. On request we also provide other services and Iroko teak wood. Some of our trees are suitable for this type of work, because they are resistant to moisture and water.

Price per m2 deck subject to the agreement with the prior observation deck, since it is dependent on many factors such as thickness of the teak, complications arches in the corridor and the cockpit, etc.

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